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Product Image Diamond Quartz Crystal Industrial Barbell Piercing Scaffold

Diamond Quartz Crystal Industrial Barbell Piercing Scaffold


Diamond quartz crystal 14g or 16g rose gold industrial barbell piercing or scaffold piercing for your upper ear. The industrial barbell is 14 gauge or 16 gauge and various lengths, with both ends unscrewing from the barbell. The barbell is made from 316L surgical steel, if it is gold or rose gold it is plated. Choose your finish for the industrial barbell from rose gold, gold or silver. The diamond quartz crystal can be removed from the bar when you do not want to wear it. The industrial barbell measures 1.5" or 38mm long. If you require a different length please message me at midnightsmojo@yahoo.com to see if I have your length available prior to purchase.

The size and shape will vary slightly on each diamond quartz crystal. Please allow for variations when purchasing. The diamond quartz crystal is electroformed in the setting with copper. I seal the copper to protect the finish with jewelers wax. It may need to be touched up with constant wear, and can be done at your home with clear nail polish as needed.