Essential Oil Necklace Steel Vial Holder Urn Jewelry

  • $65.00

Carry your essential oils, purfume or ashes with you with this beautifully handcrafted steel vial holder pendant necklace. Amber vial essential oil or purfume dropper necklace. Essential oil necklace features a pendant in steel to hold a 2ml vial of essential oils. There are turquoise and black onyx gem nuggets and a silver feather dangling on one side of the pendant necklace. The essential oil diffuser necklace is on a 18" long on a stainless steel chain. Simply unscrew the amber bottle from the steel decorative top to access the oils, insert the ashes or purfume.

This pendant necklace can be used to store a loved ones ashes or pet ashes, perfume or essential oils.

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