Turquoise Dream Catcher Belly Button Jewelry, Belly Button Ring

Turquoise Dream Catcher Belly Button Jewelry, Belly Button Ring

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Turquoise dream catcher belly button ring with double silver feathers on a barbell style belly button ring. Clear crystal clear ball on top and bottom. The barbell is a standard 14 gauge hypoallergenic surgical steel belly piercing accessory. Dream catcher measures 1.25 inches. Shades of turquoise may vary from blues/green and lighter or darker as they are a natural material.

Turquoise is said to the stone of wisdom and spiritual journeys. The corresponding astrological sign to that of turquoise is Sagittarius. It is said to belong to the 5th chakra, i.e. the throat chakra and vibrates well to numbers 4, 6 and 7. The common turquoise gemstone meanings are that of strength, protection from harm, psychic sensitivity, last but certainly not the least connection to the world of spirits.

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