Vintage Turquoise Rollerball Copper Bottle Essential Oil Vial Keepsake Perfume

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Keepsake Vintage Turquoise Rollerball Cooper Essential Oil Carrier Aromatherapy

Vintage turquoise copper essential oil rollerball bottle locket necklace rollerball. Carry your essential oils, keepsake items, perfume or ashes with you with this beautifully handcrafted copper vial holder with adorn with a vintage turquoise cabachon. Essential oil rollerball bottle features a copper holder with a vintage turquoise gem to hold 10ml of essential oils, ashes, keepsake items, or perfume. Simply unscrew the twisted clear glass bottle from the copper decorative top to access the oils, insert the ashes or perfume. The vial comes empty ready for you to fill.

The copper rollerball pendant measures 90mm including the hanger. The bottle and cap, minus the hanger is 70mm.

The turquoise gemstone rollerball pendant necklace is electroformed using copper. The copper is left unsealed and will patina over time. If you prefer to have it sealed, please leave a note when you check out. There is no additional charge to seal the copper for you.

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